Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Personal Philosophies

    I believe that even when faced with a challenge anyone no matter how powerful, strong, or skilled they are will be able to surpass and even over-exceed their own expectations as long as they try and don't give up. now comes what i think of every one, and you may see this as arrogant but you wont if you really understand what i am saying, but EVERYONE absolutely everyone is an idiot. it doesnt matter who they are or how smart they are because everyone is an idiot. not reaching their full potential because in reality the term "smart" is only relative. sure every one can be smart when compared with something dumb like a stick but there is no "one" person that is smarter than every one else.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

(D) Chapter 5 Cars

 the car industry in the 1930's took a very large large hit dropping their annual production of cars by more than half. not only were the industries not producing cars as rapidly but people were also driving their cars much less. the car here (right) is a 1930s Plymouth convertible. Plymouth sold their new cars at a very competitive price which helped them fight through the depression. 

Source Image

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

(D) Family / Unity

the Joad family had started out at the beginning of their journey all connected and happy that they would be able to stay together, but as the Joads get on with their trip towards California they soon become disconnected. the biggest turning point in their trip was the death of their granma. "'Granma's dead'" (228). granma's death cam after the death of granpa and the Joad's dog's death but it also spelled the separation of Noah, Connie, Casy, and Tom.